How to get rid of sore throat and sore throat quickly?

I have tried this recipe many times and it works great! And no side effects!


This old recipe cures with ease a sore throat, sore throat, relieves symptoms of colds and if you start to take immediately at the first signs, then within 4 hours you will already feel the result!
It consists of natural ingredients and can be prepared for future use!

Prepare this tincture and you will be repeatedly convinced of its effectiveness!


If you have serious health problems do not neglect to consult a doctor!

Here’s the recipe:

Take 200 ml of boiling water and put in it 80 grams of black cumin seeds, and boil for 15 minutes.
You’ll get a dark liquid, which looks like coffee.
Cool a little and strain, then add another 50 ml of boiling water, then heat it until it boils.
After the liquid cools just add 1-2 tablespoons of hard liquor (cognac, whiskey, or diluted alcohol to 55-60 degrees…).
Consume 1 tablespoon every 30 minutes, and in 2 hours you should begin to feel relief. All symptoms of sore throat or tonsillitis should go away afterward within a few hours. If your case is more serious, continue taking it until it helps.

This recipe will be a great help for people with chronic tonsillitis or sore throat.



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