Most women experience pain in the lower abdomen from time to time.
Most often this is due to menstruation and will not be the subject of this study.
We will talk about pathological causes and what to do in this case. so…

The situation when it hurts in the lower abdomen is one of the main reasons for a woman’s appeal to a gynecologist.


In most cases, the occurrence of these complaints is associated with various inflammatory diseases of the internal genital organs – the uterus, appendages.
Usually, they appear against the background of infections, hypothermia, or after surgical interventions (abortion, curettage, etc.).

Depending on the cause of female pain in the lower abdomen, gynecology offers different tactics for their treatment.
In acute pain, you should immediately consult a doctor, as there is a high probability that there is a threat to life and urgent surgical intervention may be required (for example, appendicitis, ovarian apoplexy, or ectopic pregnancy).
This is a separate topic, below we will consider the main diseases in gynecology, which are usually accompanied by pulling, aching pains in the abdomen and lower back. In some cases, during sexual contact, a woman feels discomfort during the process or immediately after sexual intercourse.


We will also leave aside the causes of a physiological nature, i.e. not directly related to any disease, for example, critical days, ovulation, or oligomenorrhea.